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One Cent …Two Cent


My Friday was Fabulous…And I even had a good Hairday…

image…wore my new red sweater…by the way..there ain’t no wind going through that sweater..I was Warm…and I was off for my Day…stopped at the Sally Store..no finds…then it was to get them Toes done..Yes..there was alittle pain..but not bad to where I was yelling or cussing ..I have figured out if I can get there in a three week period..it’s not so bad…it depends on Ida Budget..lol…then I had to go and get the Blood Pressure checked..lets just say..it was less than before…bottom figure was in the eighties instead of nineties..so she was glad it had come down alittle…anyway that was my half a day…had a great time all by myself…even got lots of compliements on how nice  I looked and that just added to my great day…

Then the mail came…I got two bills from BCBS…are you ready for this…one cent for one bill and two cents for the other…it’s going to cost me about a dollar to mail these payments..oh yes I’m happy cause it’s not a thousand or so but let’s get real..and it says if I don’t pay they will cancel my insurance…..so I taped a penny to one and two to the other and they will be mailed today…and lots of scotch tape ….have fun getting that off…

thats all I got…sending you a Super Saturday..





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