Spring Forward….


yes..it’s that time..to Move them clocks forward..Did you remember?..it will take me some time cause I got about twenty five in the home to change..but at least I remembered…

another good day down yesterday…good ole Buster came and got Daddy for some BoTime..and I was free to have yet another day of of me….Junk Store..went to visit with some friends..thanx..Buster..for your faithfulness to your friend..

this week is promised warmer weather..but I just let Bear out and it’s a tad cool out there..come on SunShine…I’m ready…

well..I found out alittle about the new store down the street..it’s suppose to be a consignment shop and the gossip on the street is..they are already having boss trouble so it could open or it could not…?????..just repeating the hood gossip..

And the Strawberry shortcake was ours…YuM!..shared alittle with Lucky Leftover…he was Happy..

No Sausage today we are having Bacon instead..keeping it mixed up so the guys won’t get bored…

thats all I got…sending you a Super Sunday of the new time..




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