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Yes..I am late blogging…this new time change has messed me up…I either WakeUp to early or too late…today was a late day cause I just went down hill yesterday..I was feeling just alittlebad and struggled through the morning to get my stuff done and then I just gave up and went to bed…

This morning is better…it’s a laundry day…and Yes Fried Chicken and Mac n cheese night for my Santa…he’s off for a couple days…plans to go to the Farm and get the Tractor going for PaPa Bear..Pencil Plan…

Daddy has gone for his BoTime…Thanx …Buster..

Up top of the blog I change my feature pic every day..today a cousin of mine was out shopping and saw this and thought of me…No..it was not bought cause she would have to sale her soul but the Best is she thought of me…PRICELESS….Thanx..Denise …I like being thought of…

Even when I am dead and gone…if a Peacock shows up in your day..I know I will be thought of or I am haunting your day…LOL!…

well..that’s all I got…sending you a Terrific Tuesday..

imageScreamin’Peacock…imagefeelin’ a little quirkie…


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