Sausage n Pancakes…

Adding a twist to our norm…Pancakes…with our sausage…the guys are excited..
Great day yesterday…Daddy got to go to BoTime and I took alittle short trip to Realo and of course the Sally Store..and even the Family dollar to get some necessities ..Ida was on a strict budget so I made a list not to ver off the path of overdrawnness..and Guess What?…only cash purchases..didn’t even notice the signs til I got to the front…and the guys reply..I thought I had put enough signs up so you could see that..Duh..lady..and he had already rang it up…and my reply..I was focused on my budget dude…sorry and walked out…went across the street to dollar general and paid Ida new best anyway…LOL!
When Daddy got was time for collard cooking…oh no..I didn’t help cause collards aren’t my thing..I did help with the heavy lifting and I fried him some of mama’s cornbread..baked sweet potatoes..he was one happy man for Supper…and I thank Mr Taylor and his wife..Liz for thinking of him…he even called to apologize for calling so late…too funny…
I did eat some and that weren’t half bad..just not my bag…
I did a couple of weeks ago get my mom a new Spring Flower..image..seems like a beautiful Sunday to go and change it out..
Sure miss her bad sometimes…hope she knows..I am doing my best with Daddy..cause she always said …I would be the one…and it’s true..LOL!
All anyone wants is for their parents to be Proud of who we have become as a person in this big world..cause for awhile I was not in favor in her eyes..not liking my choices…oh No she didn’t..surely not living in an RV..LOL!..
Well..sausage is frying…Daddy is wheelin’around can’t cook and be on that thing so I guess…that’s all I got…sending you a Super Sunday…
imageAnd sometimes…I just want to do him…image..the rath of Screamin’Peacock


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