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Super Saturday…

I had a Fabulous Friday and hoping to have a Super Saturday…
Buster has been picking Daddy up again and I have had my morning to myself..Thanx Buster..you will never know what you do for just me..let alone..what you do for my Daddy..šŸ‘’s up to you…
I was feeling so good…I stopped and got Daddy n I a Barbque Sandwich from Smithfields and a cup of that favorite ice they have..then we decided to go and see Faye for a few..she looked good and was feeling pretty good..pain meds are a wonder in their own rite..she was glad to see Her Uncle Russell make the trip..and he did it without a wheelchair..just his wheelie..well all that went so well..I ask Daddy would he like a cone of Dairy Queen ice cream while we were out all my treat..sure he said and then when we got there he upped the anity..he wanted a Banana Split..Geee’s..I was just in for a cone but you want what you want..and the little boy got his Split..Too Funny!..I told him that was all his treats for the month..he was Happy…
Buster just arrived to pick Daddy up so Free again..
Don’t know what I may chose to do today but you can bet I will do it to its fullest of FUN…cause that’s what Saturday’s are for…it looks like a beautiful day out there..the Sun is shine nice and bright for you n me…let’s do this…
That’s all I got…sending you that special Ray of Sunshine in your day..
imageScreamin peacockimageMay even get my Saturday bath early in the day…


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