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Here We Are….Again…

Yes…another Sunday Morning to raise and shine for the day..give Thanx and graditude..count your blessing of the week..I have had many of the above..and I was up pretty early with the animals so I have had plenty of time to give my Thanx to the God I serve…
We are having our regular Sunday Sausage with a twist..fried Taters n onions..Yummy!
I have made plans today to fix my flowers beds one more time but I do think it may rain me out..still going to try..I have a Plan..bricks n moth balls to keep bear out of my beds..going to plant Blubs in between the bricks..think it will work?…sure hope so cause I am ready to rid of some animals…LOL!
Yesterday was a home cleaning day for the Jack n the Box and a short ride in that nice weather..after I did my chores..Daddy decided he wanted ride with me just to get out..he sat in the car while I went to Sally Store and Roses..by the way..they have some hanging potted plants for five bucks if interested..got two for the front porch..
Geraniums..not my fav but nice for the money..I got pink ones..my mom loved the red ones…
I have plenty of eggs now..so come by and get you some..five dollars for two dozen and three for one dozen…makes my change easier to do it that way..
My Amy L.and Goodegg are on a mini vacation..they are heading to New Orleans..and gues what I saw on the news after she told me..a crazy man at the New Orleans Airport with a machete and they shot and killed him..this world is full of madness these days..be safe my AmyL.and Goodegg..but do have some much deserved FUN…
Daddy’s in the cooking cake mood again..looked up a recipe for him yesterday..a Yeast coffee cake..for the boys at BoTime..and I know he’s not going to follow the recipe exactly cause he said…I never heard of doing that..and that means he’s going to put the Russell Twist on it..trust me..he never goes by the recipe..
Well..I hear the Wheelie a creaking and that’s my Q to do..get that sausage n taters frying..that’s all I got..sending you a thankful..grateful Sunday..
Just chatting it up with my peeps..you make my morning shine…


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