Today is the day we go on our adventure in Durham..Big Jean’ and I haven’t had an adventure together in a while on the road..deciding which car is the best to drive is our biggest decision of the day cause they both are in poor shape at the moment needing tires..Thank our God he can fix just about anything except an accident…and I’m trying not to think about that…everybody is up and getting ready for the day..razor is a buzzing in Daddy’s room and the shower is a raining on turn next but I couldn’t do anything til I touch base with my peeps..
It was a good day yesterday…went to see some friends and deliver some eggs and I got me some free bedroom shoes out of the delivery deal..Thanx name is jimmy..take anything you gimme..
I have a few pics of My Just Ben and his wife Amanda..remember they are on a roller derby team…imageimageNow they can kick some butt…so proud of both my boys and their lil families…
I heard from JonBoy and he made it to Florida safe..just want him to stay that way..
Lucky leftover came by for..yes some leftovers of roast..he reads the blog to keep up with dat…LOL!
He lives alone so I told him he needed to get him a puppy..well he must have thought about it cause he’s got the name for him… it would lucky leftover and Louie..fingers crossed it may do this…he needs a PET…
Well.thats all I got time for..hitting the road..sending you a Happy Hump Day..


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