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All Good…

First off I thank God for a safe trip in all that traffic and then to Buster n Gail for keeping Daddy entertained and Fed and safe…on our day trip..and anyone else that was involved in his day..
Well..Santa is all legal and I must say quite quickly…and that place is like an ant hill..a constant stream of peeps..so here is our new Big Jean’ Green Card…
From this….imageHe was four there..
To this in sixty years…WOW!imageAnd it was only seventeen more dollars besides the four hundred and fifty..
And you know they even had a smokers area parking places…imageIt was nice real nice building..also
imageOh and if you happen to ever find yourself going to this place…have nothing on you but money and paper work..or leave it in the car..Big Jean’had to throw away his cigs lighter and knife..just have to do all this again in ten years and Big Jean’ said he will probably be dead..
It was a nice day for both of us..just to get away and have a ride…
Today is a bill paying and Pig Run..Daddy’s going to BoTime and Santa going to work…a normal day…
That’s all I got…Daddy needs a ride…sending you all greatness in your given Day..


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