I have a Plan…

Well..it’s Friday again my peeps and its Easter weekend…what ever you may do on Easter..whether it’s finding eggs or eating chocolate..look up and give some Thanx..for he has risen and coming again..

Yesterday was starting out to be a bad day…we have been having trouble with the peacock not starting and yesterday..we had had enough…a new battery was in order..and we had the money so thankful…now it will be tire saving time…it’s always a up hill climb but how boring it would be if we didn’t have them…we wouldn’t know how good it was if we didn’t…no sweat..we got this…

I am so proud of my boys and the places they have chosen to live..they have made it their own HomeTown…My Just Ben is very involved in his lil town and now he’s on a poster all over town..he says he’s famous…lol!…image..as long as he’s not in a grass skirt…too funny…looks just like him…

image…some comparison for Ya…
I was given a some pocket money the other day…to just spend on his mama..well..this what I got….four summer shirts and a trinket jug…thanx..my jonboy..imageMy boys always takes care of their mama…
I even had some dollars left for today’s Sally Store run…LOL!
We are having some more March Maddness weather…raining today …freezing tomorrow..Gee’s..enough already…
Well…Daddy has been buzy..I bought him some strawberries..and we now have two strawberry short cakes and a gallon or so to freeze..he is Happy..he likes pay days..he gets surprizes…
That’s all I got…sending you a easy Friday…image
P.S.my plan…is to clean my nasty fish tank..


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