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What a Day…

What a magnifacent day to wake up to..have you been outside..it’s Cool and crisp Palm Sunday…the birds are in abundant this morning..and I heard not to feed them bread but I just did and it is diffently GONE…the feeder is empty already..THEY’S hungrey..and so are the guys..we are having Bacon this morning..that’s some good stuff..
Well..I am attempting to make Bar B Que again..cooking my sauce..now..learned from the first..I hope..we’re talking chopped Bar B Que…just saying..
Yesterday was not a successful day for mopping..I took a nap instead..like I really work hard..I have the Life of Riley..I do..remember that Show..the only thing I remember is he had a big nose and his wife was named Peg..I believe ..
We have heard from Amy L. And Goodegg..they are enjoying their vacation in New Orleans and the surrounding states..be Home soon..safe we hope..and my jonboy has one more week away from his lil family..also hoping safely..
I’m alittle later than usual..I was playing my games before starting the blog..got hung up on one..kept winning..keeps my brain sharp..and yes..I know there are some that hate them..got it..
Bought me another spinner..the one I bought the other day..didn’t last long..of course it wasn’t but two dollars and this one was five with a solar light on it..only time will tell..if it last..
For those that know me from my Corner Grill days..I still type with Two fingers..one on each hand..still Fast…you might can tell by my spelling sometimes..LOL!
Type faster than I think..
That’s all I got..sending you some of this magnifacent Sunday your way on your day given..imageScreamin’PeacockimageYou are given the choice to write your own song


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