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The Sun…

Must be going to be a warm day..that Sun is already out and shining Bright..Yeah!
I’m ready for it..How bout You?
Well..yesterday was a PJ day for me..I got all my stuff done around the Home and realized I hadn’t even dressed for the day..it felt kinda good..almost like a lazy Sunday…and my Lil Wanchese Family came and went..they have really grown..Tay is as tall as I am..and Owen..well..he’s still Owen..and loved the Easter Bunny Treats..they got five dollars each…chocolate bunny and yes the kalieoscopes ..that was their favorite except for the Chococlate..Tay sent me a pic of hers..image..then they were off to see some more friends..it was an arts n crafts day..now Crystal is an exceptional mother and an a awesome artists..and I knew them kids were going to have a ball..imageimageimageimageThanx Crystal..for taking care of my babies..
I think it’s time for a hair trim or cut..ask our Magnifacent Meg and hopeful got a plan..I told her I wanted a trim..and hopeful this isn’t in her mine…LOL!image..big Jean’ would die if I did that again..
Well…it’s fried chicken night..Santa has made his choice..Oh what fun for me..
Daddy has already ask me what we doing today…I got nothing..he was not happy with that answer..so lookout BoTime friends..he may make a plan with you involved..Too Funny!
That’s all I got…gettin’ my Saturday bath and going to Sally Store..that will be my outing for the day…sending you a sunny sunshine day..imageScreamin’Peacockimage


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