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TayTay’s Blog is …

Sad to say..the blog will be no more..I have nothing else to say…


I would never stop having something to say…
Yesterday was like the best weather day ever…Daddy…Buster…big Jean' and I played in the dirt all day…and I even cooked Buster his request…for lunch..Hotdogs..
Daddy just wouldn't quit..he stayed out there longer than we did…engerizer Bunny he is….
Fried Chicken night was awesome…
Well..I have my new do…now don't laugh when you see the pic..I'm not claiming to be her but I like the do…imagine grey hair and my face…LOL!..Meg has already told me its a wig by the pic…DUH!..I know ..that's all she wears…
image..we’ll see how that turns out..pics later…
And also My Just Ben n Amanda are planning to build their dream Home ..I am so proud of them and they also have saved Big Jean’ and I a part of there lot for our Retirement Home after AD..How awesome is that..Maybe Oklahoma Bound..time will tell..
And that’s no April Fool’s..
That’s all I got..sending you a Foolproof Day…imageScreamin’Peacockimage


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