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A Big B…day…today….








image…all the Wishes I send to YOU…may all of them come TRUE…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our GAIL….it’s your Day…you got your present yesterday..LOL!
And I spent..Five American Dollars..but you are worth more…
Happy Birthday…Happy Birthday…Happy Birday…

Well.yesterday..My Peeps say ..I worried them there for a minute..I think not true cause they know I can’t STOP writing to my Peeps…it was a good day…found my sister a great gift..it was meant to be..made short visit to her cause today..is a buzy day for Daddy n I..Doc Appointment..Pig and cake baking time for Gail..and pies and ham and yams and rolls..yes..Gail is having Easter Dinner at the Farm and somehow..Daddy n I got the pleasure of doing most of the cooking..she’s a sly one that Gail…Happy Birthday…again..
It’s a small payday for me and hopefully..Tires are in the plan…YEAH!!!
I finally know what a Pedicure is suppose to feel like..Jenny inflicted NO PAIN..she tried hard but I was so relaxed..no sweat in’ no Swearin’ and no tense muscles…AHHHH!!..it was wonderful..got my summer toes on…image..
Ok..My Amy L. and Goodegg are missing in action..no words..no pics..where are you..I’m getting worried..when you coming HOME?????..are you still on their HoneyMoon …????..
What?Where?When?How?..come on..I don’t need anymore grey hair…call me..is your phone dead..lose it..HELLO!!!!!!!!! Out there!!!!
That’s all I got…sending you a great day…Sun is Out for you n me..
imageimageScreamin’Peacock…HAPPY BIRTHDAY from ME To YOU my GAIL


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