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It’s starts….

It’s starts out with a bowl full of love..image..Yep..that’s a yummy treat ..and gail n Amy L. Has missed eating it..I put it on some cookies…another pound around my middle…
Daddy was baking all afternoon..A birthday cake request and a sweet potato pie…today is chocolate pies and ham and rolls…gettin’ ready for our EasterFamily Dinner…image
And the day keeps on giving and it’s just eight o’clock…PaPa Bear took the Cubs Turkey hunting…image..what a great thing to do with his grandboys…
Yep…JonBoy is going to make it Home for Easter also..Job Well Done..imageimage…awesome job..my JonBoy…be safe coming Home..Lov U..
And The egg business has picked up..I sold six dozen and gail has sold ten so I am out at the moment but it won’t take long to lay some more…Yeah!
It just keeps gettin’ better…Life on this day….Family!…Priceless!
I wish Thank all my peeps for all the Peacock Pics they send me…I love a new one..
Yesterday was a good day for Daddy n I ..bills paid..and can you believe it..that’s all we did while we were out…he was in a hurry to get Home to start cooking..LOL!
That’s all I got…sending you a special Saturday…imageScreamin’Peacockimage


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