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Some things..

You know when you’re out shopping and you see some things that you just can’t pass up…well..Our Friend Martha had one of those moments for Deb-ER-K…
Remember this pic …imageWell…she found this this…Too Funny and Too Cute..
image..it made my smile for th day…Thanx..Martha..
And come to find out My Jonboy didn’t make it Home for Easter..he had to spend the night at his Bosses Home..after going through a big ordeal at airport..I am glad I didn’t know all that…God has a Mother’s Plan for nonworry..he is Home now safe and with his LIL Wanchese Family..
I just heard we are going to get that much needed rain..maybe it will help this Pollen go down the road..I did happen to plant some flowers yesterday at the back door porch..I went with purple this year..love it..image..I got the kind that come back cause crap is sooo expensive…just got a few more holes to fill in..it felt good to play in the dirt..
Well..Fred just picked Daddy up for BoTime and he finally finished that coffee cake..after two try’s..you may have to DUNK..tastes good but Dunking for Sure..
Daddy’s perfection doesn’t happen all the time..LOL!
Today is TIRE hunting..he says he ain’t coming back til I got them TIRES..YEAH!!!!
There are no cheap good tires anymore..
Times sure has changed…
Thas all I got..sending you a smile for your given day..image…Screamin’Peacockimage


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