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Another beautiful day yesterday…and as Santa n I were messing around in the yard..we found strolling through….a Box Turtle..he was gettin’ it across going somewhere fast..
image..and ended up at a dead end..image…left him or her alone so him or her could do what they do…
You never know what wonder you may see in your own back yard..and get your sweet water out..the humming birds are back..had my first a couple weeks ago..
Today is…finally…going to be one of those Rainy days we were promised…sooo that means for me…a Nap..later..
Daddy just left for his BoTime with Fred…I’ve got to make a Wally World run and big Jean’ goes back to work today..I have truly enjoyed having him Home for a couple days..No cooking tonight..Daddy is on his own…LOL!
that’s all I got…sending you a rain drop on your head kinda day..


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