A SunRise..A Baby..A Wedding..

Well..my plans to go and see Gail was a Bust but I did manage to wash everything on the FrontPorch..cause that Polllen and Road Dirt had done a number on it…as Daddy n I were basting in the Sun and a clean porch..we had some company..it was Russell Jr.’s
son Rusty and his HOT wife…I use to scare her with when I talked that way now she just flows with my craziness..anyway..they both are very special to me even tho we don’t visit much..he is a Special young man..imageAnd they announced..there is going to be a Baby in October…so excited for this young couple..I told them I would babysit anytime but they needed to check with previous ones I had babysat for…LOL!..No..Really?..it was great to see and visit with them and Rusty also has history in the Jack n the Box..he had alittle growing time here..and there is going to be a Wedding..his sister Ashley is getting married…image..she too is an awesome young lady..wish all of them the best in Life..
Keep us posted on the goings on…
Our Megster has a passion for photography ..and she snapped this photo on the way to work..can you see what I saw…AWESOMENESS!!!!
This morning is our Sunday Sausage..Grits and Toast..I tried sleeping late but Lily n Bear won’t having it…Daddy and Big Jean’ are still hitting the ZZZZ’s..
The Sun Rays are coming through my Happy Window and I just know it’s going to be a Beautiful Day…
That’s all I got…sending you some shine in your whine…image..always think positive..thoughts..it makes the day better..at its worst..Screamin’Peacockimage


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