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Thanksgiving in April?

Yes…PaPa Bear bagged him a Wild Turkey and we got the breast on this one..You know this is going to taste totally different than those that are massed produced..
image..Thanx..PaPa Bear…
Well..Santa and I had a Fun outing yesterday…Sally Store…Family Dollar Store..Bank..gas…and ridin through the streets of downtown…it was nice to spend some time together…Just a Great Day…
Today..I have some alone time…Fred just picked Daddy up and Santa had to go to work at five this morning..and I am Free for at least a few hours..just be back before time to cook supper..that’s what they told me…LOL!
Well..my flower beds have been safe til yesterday..Bear dug some of my bulbs up..and Guess What?…it is not stray cats under the house he’s after..it’s FROGS..I found four he was trying to get at…Geee’s ..How do you stop that?…
We are going to have Ribs for supper..turkey will be tomorrow night cause I had baked chicken and dressing last night..gotta spread your bird eating out..
That’s all I got..leaving you with this for your daily thought…


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