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Can’t Believe….

PeCaPeCa,I can’t believe that it’s Saturday already…Where did the week go..Time is flying..I must have been buzy not to notice how quickly the days have gone by…
On my free time yesterday..I went to Sally Store..no goodies there so I went to all the dollar stores in town and bought me some cheap decor for the yard…let see..I got..a Welcome flag…a huge butterfly to replace the homemade dragonfly…a bee and a bird..Oh.. And some blubs…came home..did my decorating and blubs burying..and a long NAP…woke up just in time to put them there Ribs on…they were Yummy…got that Corner Grill sauce to perfection…
Today ..I have no plan…going to take Daddy to BoTime…maybe a Bath sounds good..
Then my day is open to unfold on its on…
All is good in the Jack n the Box…Daddy is still upright and that’s a good day..
That’s all I got…sending you all good things your way on your day…


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