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I needed alittle of inspiration this morning so I took my coffee and hooka on the porch and stopped n listened…the morning waking up..after it rains..seems like everything is greener..air is fresher..and A new week is born…Monday…Ahhhh!..let’s do this….
Yesterday was a marvelous day with my Santa..he cut grass and I scrubbed floors..then it was a short ride out to Roses..got me a new hose..only problem is it don’t fit my connector to the house…Ugh!…now I have a return..I hate those…got my receipt…
I knew the price was to good to be true..it is one of those..new kinds that collapse ..and they don’t connect together either…Geee’s…
Cheap is not always the best way to go…get what you pay for…LOL!
Anyway..today has no plan except to take Daddy to BoTime and cook Supper so I will fill in my day with something…there’s always something to do around the Jack n the Box…
That’s about all I got…sending you a Great start of your week…imageScreamin’Peacock..image🇺🇸


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