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Jammed packed Day….

All in a days Fun…did it all…didn’t stop til seven last night and I took a hot bath and a pill and was OUT!
BoTime..Realo…my Farm adventure…visit with cuz’s ..delivered eggs…delivered shrimp..that’s a new code word…daddy supper..
Now on my Farm Adventure..I started out helping Gail with her flowerpots and she was doing OK without me so PaPa Bear invited me to the garden to help plant..now I love to get dirty and feel that dirt and with all the gadgets to plant..I may have touch the dirt twice..but I must say…those gadgets do help an old peeps back and knees…it was alittle boring..stick a pole in the dirt..drop a couple of beans seeds down the pole and pull out..WaLa ..planted..same thing with a seedlings..pole…hole..drop..release..it was a fine day to be out in the Farm Country Air…I ask if he needed me today..his reply..I’ll call you…that’s means..No…
So..I’m free today…lol!
We were wrapping up planting and our cuz’s drove up for a visit…work was offically over then…it was just a nice time all around…
Remember this lil fellow…Meeko..he has grown..this is truly Gail’s new best friend..he is cute as a button…image..yes..that’s the biscuit making bowl he is in..trying to make gail fuss at me but she didn’t..it turned out to be a photo shoot after that..too funny..
After I got home..my friend called for some eggs..so it was off to deliver eggs..then another friend wanted some shrimp…so off I went for that…and I decided I wasn’t cooking so I was off to get Daddy n I a Smithfield bar b que sandwich…yes I was a buzy peep yesterday…about Eggs…did you know you are suppose to store the eggs in the carton with big end up…don’t believe me..look it up on the net to find out way..I already did..it’s true cause you know you can find anything on the net…you seen that commercial..Bon jur…
Ok..my Just Ben loves a selfie…here’s his latest..he’s an oakleyholoic…
Probably about five hundred pairs he has…imageHe will love it that he’s on the blog today..what little things a mom does for her children…and if you notice..he’s got the highest number of comments,he likes that also…
Another beautiful day is breaking through..the sun is up and shinning bright…what may I get onto today….
That’s all I got…sending all this on your given day…imageScreamin’Peacock…image…that’s all folks…


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