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All over the Place…

Yes…the blog will be over the place today..I have much to show and tell…
I got a Bee in my Bonnet yesterday..I wanted a catus fairy garden and I wanted it now…I have always loved catus and I love the fantasy of make believe of fairies…..sooo to Lowes I went..found a few ..and Homeward bound to fix my garden..
Don’t know if you remember or not..I use to make woodland creatures…still have the desire but just haven’t done it..this one was a left over..it’s called come have Tea with Sweet pea and me…image…well..I have kept them all this time..and now they are happy in their new home…imageimageimage..isn’t that just stinkin’ cute as my Amy L. Would say..
And as I was catching up on Facebook..my Just Ben had posted this for me..I am truly a lucky mom…I have the best two boys to acknowledge me in this way…
imageAnd what’s even more special is I know they truly believe in me…
Ok…our Megster has a dear friend named Roz..they call themselves ebony n ivory..
We love her just like Family..image…and yesterday was Roz and kris big day..they were married and was able to Skype with her parents in Kenya…nothing but Awesomeness do I wish for these two and Kris is special to me cause he’s in the business I love..Food…
Well..that’s all my stories for the day..cooking Sausage..and Daddy says…you can’t cook and be sittin’ down…sending you a marvelous Sunday…image..Screamin’Peacock..Oh..my JonBoy called yesterday..image


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