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Today we start to heal after the sudden death of a loved one…respect have been paid to the Family..walked down memory lane…saw old friends…and Daddy made a cake of Love for his close Family…imageimage..we talked and laughed through some of his loss of his friend FRED..Priceless!
I leave you with this thought Today…image..and I told Daddy to make sure he told some of his peeps..when the discussions got heated and they storm off…last words..make sure they are not in anger…
Well..I was walking around the yard and took some pics of my flowers that have started to bloom..amongst other things…imageimageimageimage…may you see the beauty in all things…
I must share this story about last night visitation…so many people there to honor Fred and as Daddy and I were sitting there .. A man came by to say Hello ..as he walked away..Daddy and I looked at each other and at the same time..said..who was that?…I knew he use to eat at the Grill with us for years..anyway..here come a couple from church right behind that man..Daddy n I were still thinking about the guy’s name and Mr.? Said..I’ll go find out for you..mine you he has a touch of Alhimers..it was so Funny..he said he forgot four times in three feet before he got back to us..it was so cute that he could laugh at himself …another Priceless in time..
Buster is back on Daddy Duty..just picked him up for BoTime…and that’s all I got…enjoy your day..image..P.S.sorry Nik..I think you may have stepped in some poop..Thanx for buying some eggs and chit chatin’…Screamin’Peacockimage
Oh…another P.S.thanx for the visit Faye n Ric..always a laugh or two


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