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New Month…New Day..New Beginnings…Let’s Do This

Hoping that you picked your word on your given day and it was just what you wanted it to be…Mine was Awesome…and Today the title says it all…for your day Today…
My day today will start off with a Daddy Day…it’s his payday..and from there..I am open for whatever unfolds…
Gail n I did have plans to get our Toes done but Daddy over rules any plans that anyone has…LOL!..
How bout this COOL weather we’re having…
Wish you could bottle it up when July n August hits..LOL!
Daddy’s Doc Apointment was quite an eye opener for the Heart Doc..he was amazed that Daddy was doing so well with all his conditions..Pacemaker still ticking..lungs clear..and still walking…he even said a Hal-la-loo..What a strong willed Man..
A Birthday wish for Denise..HAPPY BIRTHDAY…she is a cuz of mine and a wonderful person…she will be surprized to see her in the blog..she’s a Peep…
Well..Ida has go back into a Real Hard Budget Mode again..Santa’s hours are cut in half and she has been loving the extra dollars..now it’s crunch time..Not HAPPY!
Buster just come to get Daddy for BoTime and Santa has a small owlwee..Nurse Deb to the rescue….that’s all I got..sending you a marvelous first May Day…imageimageScreamin’Peacock…Strap them tail feathers on and lets do this day..


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