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My First Day of May

This new budget Sucks…
Got that off my chest…
Now…back to things at hand…New Month…another New Day…

Ok…I wish someone had videoed Daddy n I at the Pig yesterday…everyone was rolling in the floor…he was Mr.Indenpdent and I was on a mission with a tight budget…chasing him up n down the aisles and people were saying ..he’s over here by the time I got there..he was over there..and trying to shop off my list so I wouldn’t spend extras..by the time I Got to the register..I was still yelling..I’m over here in the first register…he was at number five…and still paying me no attention…picking things up and putting them up about an inch from his good eye..the lady behind me was with her aging mom..but she had her IN a wheelie..she said..aren’t they Fun to take care of…I said…Loads…we all had a good hour of Fun at the Pig..Thanx everyone for helping watch out for Daddy…
I had to take a nap after that venture…LOL!…got to love em’..
I finally talked to my Amy L…haven’t had any contact since Easter…she has been extremely buzy at school and keeping up with the goings on here by the blog…it was just good to her voice and that she hadn’t forgot me…and her budget ain’t no better..LOL!..we maybe in trouble with the insurance when it’s due..cause they had to pay some hefty Taxes this year…Oooo…glad I don’t have that Monkey on my back anymore….And Life rolls on…
It’s alittle Cooool outside this morning..but the Sun is breaking through..suppose to be eighty by Sunday…we’ll see…Heat is still coming on so Daddy and Santa won’t be Cold….
All I feel is DOLLARS….adding Up…
Don’t have any plans for this day…just ready for whatever comes my way…sending you my Peeps the same…let’s just do this…imageimageThat’s all I got…Screamin’Peacock…imageHe above is always watching and I always have my eyes Open to it all..


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