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Pig at the Pig…

Look what I saw when I drove into the Pig parking lot…they were having a Big Day at the Pig…It made me SMILE!!!…
Yesterday was quite a absentminded day for me…Daddy wanted to make a strawberry shortcake so I thought I was doing a good thing by picking up the heavy whipping cream BUT when he started to whip…I ended up getting half n half..Geee’s..then I was going to make Bar B Que for Supper and I got the wrong hunk of Meat..it still turned out…then I was going to make cornbread and I got the wrong meal…it still turned out…and then I was hit by Daddy that I should give him the heads up on my blog writings cause some peeps decided to bomb bard him at BoTime…I thank You for your loyalty…was that really necessary..cause I had already told you my story…I have always made my Life an open book…No discussion ness…Got Questions…ask ME!!!…there is a comment space…image
If you don’t know the history of writing my blog..please feel free to go back in time and read…
That’s all I got on that matter…

Today is a Free Day…Bathroom looks like it needs a freshing up…that’s about all I got planned…
My daughter in law got skater of the month in her team…very proud of her…
And remember the bike my JonBoy built..some improvements..Teak chainguard..Teak petals and hand grips were added…Awesome Creation..he is so Talented and I think Lil Owen is following in his footsteps of Talent..
I am so proud of all my Lil Families…each and every one of them…
That all I got..sending you a thriving Thursday…


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