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Remember the Bike on the Porch…well…I have had so many lazy days..and added pounds..that I am going to start alittle excerise plan…even if it’s only five minutes…it’s something…
And Daddy’s got to quit making all those goodies…Bread Pudding was outstanding..I told him Please take that to the BoTime gang cause I could eat that whole thing…just look at my first slice…and it was made with left over yeast rolls and cream and half n half..sugar..image..I had to stop myself in my tracks for a second chunk..
Still got Starwberry shortcake in the fridge..
.It’s raining and the Sun is shinning..it’s going to be one those days…I think…
Ok..everybody..got those cards bought for your mama or memories brought forth if she is still not with you..Facebook is Full today..honoring MOMS..I recognize so many of my friends Moms from the Corner Grill Days…probably knew their moms before I knew them…
Just took Daddy for BoTime..No..he didn’t take the pudding..some lucky peeps at church will get a chunk..sorry ..BoTime gang..you really missed a treat…I tried…
That’s all I got…sending you a Super Saturday…imageScreamin’Peacock…image


3 thoughts on “Bike..

  1. Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed it! I hope you will come check out the new post on Real Life Natural Wife and leave me a comment with your thoughts! Have a great weekend!

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