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Show N Tell….and you know…I tell it ALL

If you are easily wimpish on looking upon slightly pics…then Look Away NOW…..My Just Ben went for a bandage change and he knew his MaMa wanted to see…it makes my spine n cooter hurt looking at my sons pain…Here Goes….

image…NO…not that one this one..but he does look like his got dolphin eyes in that one…

image…he says it’s not as bad as it looks…must be the drugs he’s on cause that looks painful…

Another show n tell for my Peeps..I have been working on another doll..her name is Amy L….haven’t dressed her yet …What you think?…yes…clothes hanger and a Christmas ball and HOT GLUE GUN…and some Twine…image




image…I am liking getting back to my Craft…it helps me deal…Santa says just don’t start cutting up his clothes…Too Funny!!!
Still haven’t spent any Money..but nothing is Safe around the House…
Daddy’s eye appointment was the same..still blind but the doc says they are experimenting on the optic nerve now and he would nominate Daddy as a candidate if he is still living when it comes around…Daddy said…another guinea pig idea..but he’s up for it..they said the same thing about his heart valve and he’s still walking n talking..never doubt Gods Plan…
That’s all I got…sending you a Happy Hump Day🐫…imageScreamin’Peacock…image


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