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One Pair…

I was soooo tired of going to stores and striking out for baby doll shoes..finally at Micheal’s Crafts..One Pair of Rain Boots..Perfect size but the price..FOUR DOLLARS..and Amy L.was and is the only one that will get those at that price..LOL!..
I may have an alternative…I made some furry booties and they are cute…I appreciate the comments and help from my Peeps…and all the compliements said on my new craft of dolls..there are more in the making…Gail…Amy L. And I have come up with a fair price if I start selling them…12.50…What you think my Peeps?…Gail and Amy L. Are helping me out on some materials to keep my cost low..Yeah!..for sisters that have an overflow…of their craft..
There is one more place I am going to look today..Target..they usually have doll stuff..I looked online…Oh..they have em’But No Thank You..I hate ordering’s the hunt that gets you going…LOL!
Gail surprized us with a visit yesterday and took Daddy and I out for Lunch…it has been awhile since she has visited..she also has been fighting the Funk..and trying to get her Home back in order since Melanie..Mark and Olivia has moved into their new Home..But she is better and I told her I was right there in the hole with her…it is a hard battle to get out of that hole…Faith in your God is the only thing keeping the dirt from falling in…
She took us to Panera Bread Place…Daddy has never been and he really was impressed..
He’s a hard Food impress…We Thank You Gail for such a Treat…glad you are out n about again..
And I am’s a great victory…

Mr.Ed just came to pick Daddy up for BoTime…Thanx..again Mr.Ed…

That’s all I got…sending you a quick easy Friday…and for the fortunate for a LONG weekend for the working class..You Are Deserving…
imageScreamin’PeacockimageHe watches over us all..
Pic of the boots..image


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