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Someone Stop Me…

Someone needs to stop me…I am like Amy L….making the Donuts…even Supper was lacking…Sandwiches…the guys were not Happy…LOL!…yes..I have two more Deborah Dolls…First is Marina Gail…What You Think?…


And the next one I haven’t quite tweaked her yet but I had to show her…


image…No Name yet…
I am using some different materials..went shopping on the Lowes card..nine dollars for a bail of wire and baby socks to cover the Christmas Ball..six pair for four dollars..some different yard for hair…two dollars..the sock makes for a smoother face and much EASIER to cover..Today ..I have all day to make them Dolls..Supper will have to be better tonight or I may get into trouble..another LOL!..
Just alittle note on those pics I posted the other day…all those Woodland characters were of the passed and most sold..I was getting orders..Sorry..changed my medium…They were Stinken cute ..maybe I will try some later..right now I am obessed with this new craft…
Ok…I huge Thank You to Sonia..one of my Peeps…she bought me this…I am so Honored that my Peeps think of me when they are out n about shopping and spend their dollars on the Screamin’Peacock…How kool is that?..many have done it…and plus all the wonderful pics of things they send me..all of you ROCK..Pcock..
And I wish to Thank Amy L….Goodegg..Meg…Katy…Mattie for sending this Stinken Cute item to My Just Ben..How cute is this…and one of them has My Just Ben on it..the name has stuck…image…he did the Ugly Cry…
That’s all I got…Daddy is pushing the Wheelie at me to let’s go to BOTime…sending you a safe wonderful weekend..imageScreamin’Peacock…image


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