New Series….

Are you tired of my dolls yet..well I was told..stop the madness…let’s see..TayTaysFancypants Emporium was founded on a little girl’s Dream and Arts n Crafts…Duh!..
Soooo…finished Brenda Gail…imageAnd I have started a new series..Mermaids…almost finished this to do her…What you think about her..I need a name..she is the protector of the sea and sailors..she has a net and a magic chain..
This Art just takes me away from my Daily grind…it doesn’t matter whether I sale them or not…I just love creating them…and telling their story…
Everyone and Everything has a just have to be willing to listen…and find out you’re not may even learn something…you may even find a new friend..
Possibilities are endless..if you just listen…
That’s all I got…sending you a Wonderful spot in your given day…IMG_1497Screamin’Peacock…IMG_1520


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