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Look Forward….

Well…where are my Peeps…my Stats have been very low for a couple days..are you on vacation..did you not find me…I am very šŸ˜„..I guess some are over the Arts n Crafts..I LOOK FORWARD to my numbers being high and my comments…it gives me that Smile for the day…Hopeful for the Day…
I was very buzy yesterday..I knocked out two Mermaids…first is Pearl..she is the keeper of all the precious gems of the Ocean…her body is arrow dynamic ..she goes deep..she also has special eyes for the darkness of the Sea…she keeps her hair braided at all times..What you think?image

And Matillda…she is the keeper of all Hearts..lost..broken or full of Love..watch out for her…she has two sides… She can draw you in or cast you away…

Now there are Four….image..if you would like to own one..they are Fifteen Dollars…full of love from Deb-er- K…and Magic…If you are a Believer…LOL!
One more in this series and I will be moving on to some new characters..
Well…Santa is offically Retired..his check is in the mail..now our budget has changed once more…but for the better…the only thing I got to get use to is…getting paid all at once..yes everyone in the Jack n the Box gets paid at the same time…a new adjustment for me…it’s all good…
Now I have two porch monkeys…Daddy and Santa..they see a lot on that porch..the stories they come in to tell…now tell me..how do they know what is going on a block away…and they are both counting cars going by…let’s see..two hundred and thirty two cars in a forty five minute time span..now that’s what I call retired..at least I’m making dolls…TOO FUNNY!!!!
Amy L. Has been buzy making the donuts..she sent me six more pics of her new stuff and of course I lost them in the process of moving them…anyway..take my word..it would have made you dizzy looking at all the colors and stuff…Go!..Amy L.
My Just Ben got his stitches and staples out yesterday..got him a Boot to walk in..he did alittle Whinning ..Amanda is taking very good care of that department..Men are BIG Babies…try having a Baby..I say…
We love you..Just Ben…I do have a funny story on his name..I hope it comes across funny to you..when Amy L. Was ordering his cookie to send..she wanted a special one made with Just Ben on it..so the girl kept saying..I know you just want just Ben’s name on it…and Amy L. Kept saying Just Ben…the girl kept saying ..I know you just want just Ben’s name on it…that went on for quite a few minutes..finally it got funny to Amy L. And finally the girl got it…Just Ben…it was funny when Amy L. Was telling it to me…
Where’s Buster…Daddy said he was a no show yesterday at BoTime?…going to call today to see if he is OK…can’t do without my Buster in the day…just because someone else has a bigger car..doesn’t mean he has moved up on my list…but I do Thank Mr.Ed for his kindness..
That’s all I got…sending you a Super Saturday…IMG_1497image


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