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Tule Burns….

Yesterday was quite a buzy day…a lot of driving around to bank..bills.pig..dentists..and some detours..I think our town had a bad gas leak…streets were blocked off…a very large area..we didn’t get Home til around lunch..OK..peeps.. Not all recipes that peeps post should be made..I tried a Meatloaf one last night…we tried to tweak it at the table and decided we would never mention or have it again..and its was decided by three peeps that hate Meatloaf to start with..si it didn’t have a chance…LOL!..it was eatable..
I finished my Priate Fairiy..she’s Ok..it may be a child’s giveaway..LOL!..again…so I decided to experiment with Tule..it melts really good..made me some wings out of that again with the burning affect…really kool..image

image…and of course a doll was started to put the wings on and she is sooo CUTE…love her face..and hair…image

image..finishing her off today…
I had a visit from Jen..it was one of those hi n bye kinda visits but loved every second of it..she took her treasures Home and she left me some little treasure of my own…win win situation..LOL..again…
Then I received this pic..image..our Poor Amy L. Has a bad tooth to pop up..bad infection and they can’t do anything to it til all that is gone…take care Amy L…
That’s all I got…sending you some more Rain and Thumderstorms in your day..cause I have no control over that..there coming..IMG_1497image


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