I had a full day yesterday…small Wally World run..Sally Store and I finely found some Celephane paper at the Dollar Tree..it was left over Easter..but something side tracked me and I got that Easter basket bag that shrinks with a hairdryer..WELL..that was a BUST..should have wasted my dollars on the Easter wrap..Trashed that quickly..very discouraged on that so..I decided to go back to the Tule..and have come up with yet another doll..Pics…Later..back to my day..then..it was time to take Daddy for his Echo..as far as we know..it’s still ticking..got Home way after lunch..so I decided to start yet again my doll…with much Success..Olive was finished..image


image..she is swinging away over my head..with the two munchkins I made..
I have started on another doll..no name yet and no pic yet..tomorrow’s blog..
I announced I was selling vegetables..well yesterday was a sell out..and my eggs sales went through the roof..two new customers..I will continue to let you know when I have vegetables..going to get some more today…Zucchini and Squash…eighty cent a pound after today..PaPa Bear does the pricing…the ones I promised vegetables today will get it at the price I told them…Thank all my Peeps for the support of my Dollars..Oh..also may have a doll customer…she’s coming back today to look at my girls..LOL!..
Thank you for all the well wishes for my Amy L…she said she was better with the antibiotics and pain meds..and of course My Just Ben is doing better also..hobbling around in his Boot..
Daddy was in the baking mood last night..he made us a pound cake..fresh strawberries and real whip cream…nothing no better than warm pound cake…I had two big Hunks..
Without the trimmings..
I think..that’s all I got…sending you a marvelous day…IMG_1497…Screamin’Peacock…image


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