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Lost Its Color…

I am very fasinated by nature as we all are…Remember my lil fish that was being chased…well..she is totally White now..do you think it’s stress or is that what some do…?…I do know the amount of sunlight on an out door pond ..keeps or changes their color ..interesting…
Well..our Amy L. Is in pretty bad shape..had to go to Dentist for new meds and antibodies..and draining..still in much pain and swelling..imageThe swelling has gone across her face n nose…now most peeps would die if I posted their pic but I told Amy L…the blog must go on and tell the story..true trooper she is…Deb-er-K loves you…
And guess what I did yesterday..went to Pollock n Best to check in on some shake n bake arrangements for Santa n I…going back to fill out the paper work on a Plan..getting prepared as best we can..don’t want to be a financial burden after we are gone….does anybody?…of course you will be dead and won’t know what they are saying about you anyway…LOL!
Oh..Yes..I have been working on some dolls..got two more done…first one is Annie..and I love her…image

Then I decided to Honor my Peeps of Color…meet Deliah…imageI went all out on her..she has some cute shoes and a kool skirt..
Yes..the dolls are adding up..I am going to set up a table under the pecan tree and sell my vegetables..eggs and dolls..now that’s a combo…so come on by and see..buy..and chit chat..you never know..there might be a piece cake laying around…
Now being a Peacoock has its perks..everyone thinks about you when ever one pops up on their daily life..My friend Tootie saw this magnifacent piece at a shop in eureka springs..image..awesome..it’s a bracelet..thanx Tootie for thinking of me..
Sorry..but I got one more doll..I forgot about her..this Lolitta the fairy…


image..can you tell I am really into this doll making craft..are you over em’ yet?.well..I ain’t…Lol!
Santa is my consultant ..and you know Santa Claus is the expert on toy making…
Oh..my cuz..Faye came by yesterday for a visit and some egg n vegetable buy..thanx..faye..it was nice sitting and chatting..
That’s all I got…sending you a fantastic weekend..IMG_1497image


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