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I’m Excited…

Got up feeling very excited on this day given..and it feels good…I think I’ll try and wear it well Today…Yes..finished my Doll..her name is Madame Amanda..Nik and Jerri gave me the thought of what I was going to do with her…I had a artist block..so here she is…with bangles..magic chains and Oh Yes..the crystal ball..


image..I think she turned out pretty good….
Well.still no one stopped at my stand but I am not discouraged at all…cause I been here and done this before…it takes time and preservence..got Eggs ….got Dolls but my vegetables are out..keep you posted on some fresh ones…had to cook some and give some away..see …I told you to stop..you missed Free…LOL!
I have decided to leave for my trip early Friday Morning..Raleigh Bound..and stay hopefully til Early Monday Morn…that’s my goal..
Well..Daddy had a rough time at the two appointments…the dentist action didn’t set with him well which made his other visit irritating..and I have never seen him that way at a doc visit…anyway..all is better this morning..he said he was feeling pretty good this morning..Mr.Ed just picked him up…I sure miss seeing my Buster..not that I don’t appreciate Mr.Ed..just miss My Buster..
Today I have to take the worm dog to vet for a shot..she is itching really bad and has passed it along to my Bear…I hate it for both but it seems they do this every Summer..
That’s all I got…sending you a feel good Happy Hump Day..🐫…imageIMG_1497


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