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Last Minute Stuff…

Got some last minute stuff to get done before I leave in the morning..vacuum..clean the toilet a couple times and again before I leave…little bit of laundry and then I’m off..I like to do those kinda things in case something happens to me or them while I am gone…you just never know and I want to know that my toilet was cleaned..👍’s up to that craziness…
Sold my last two dozens eggs..unless Papa Bear has another good laying..I may not have any til I get back..Gail beat me to the sale..her chickens..her eggs..first dibs..it’s all money..I say..
No…No New Doll today…took the day off from crafting..I did clean out my craft basket..
I took Daddy out on my run yesterday and we stopped at the Pig..I told him this was a treat stop cause I was going out of town..get what ever you want…can of Pink Salmon..two small cans of pork n beans..pimento cheese spread..crackers..chips..secret item…orange juice…his reply…that will hold me til you get back…Too Funny!
There’s one thing my Mama taught me about Daddy..make sure he thinks he thought of an idea first after you have planted the seed…LOL!
thats all I got…sending you a super Thursday..IMG_1497imageScreamin’Peacock


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