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What Planet is This?..

Ok..my peeps..I must have run into a time warp speed space kinda thing cause this adventure so far has been a WhirlWind of Craziness…let me explain cause we got new characters in this Life Family Journey…M is for my Mattie..and she is going to have a baby with this guy…Rocky…image

image..there will be no frontal view of him..this is what it is…so..he has been existing for the last three or four years a scorned man..so he checked out alittle and the Iceless Bird Sh..t Palace needed some cleaning up and cleaning out and WHO do you call…Deb-ER-K..this man has known me only by what family members has told him and here I’m going into the unknown…PEEPS..I live for this stuff..so the DAT team was back with a venence…no Poop or Crap to deep for this team…What You Going to do with DAT?..is the only question we have for you..cause it’s GONE if know plausable answers is given..we Knocked out three rooms and going back today for the rest..but what I didn’t know was while I was on a rampage at his home..He would being doing me that long awaited Tattoo of my Peacock…later that night…and it was payback time…and he took it to its fullest in the pain of a Tattoo…
Let me introduce you to his work and I said Oh Yes..I want this guy working on me..

image..some really kool stuff..huh?..Oh Yes..put me in his chair now..
So after some long waiting and scribbling..he said..here you go you like that..again I said Oh Yeah!..it was just a firgin’ head of a peacock..after three hours of drawing…Really?…then the Fun and Laughter start and some PorchTime…Five Hours later..They said there is no crying in baseball but you could call tap out..I never said those words..they decided I was DONE…just to let all of you know..he didn’t finish but it’s Ok..it’s is frigin Awesomeness…
First I have to show the peeps that were there for this party..even my Meg was there to support…image




image…we had a BLAST…I Peed everywhere..in that chair and my shorts..Just let me tell you again..LAUGHTER…and at four in the morning of Saturday we stopped..and I was up at eight..and do this all over again with the exception of Tattooing..we got two more rooms and this Party is over…
Rocky Rocks…
Seriously..I did take a few pics of his art..image




This is the beginning of a Magnifacent Peacock Tattoo..I will have to come back for the finishing cause THEY tapped me out…image

image…What you think..My Just Ben and Jonboy??
That’s all I got…I have got to find me some soap and shampoo..I need a BATH…Amy L. Was not prepared for my visit..IMG_1497…Screamin’Peacock…image


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