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Ahhh! The smells of Home…overflowing trash cans…dog P..old Peeps..and Dog Hair floating among us…Good Ole Jack n the Box never fails me…and that probably tells you what I will be doing Today…trying to fight the battle of the smells…it’s always good to go on an adventure but it’s always good to be Home…
For two solid days we cleaned and threw away a decade of crap…so a new life could be started…and got a tattoo in the mix…24..7 …there was one room that we called the Sh..t room..that is where all the crap went that he or she didn’t know what to do with..I did but they didn’t..but there was a door and I just had fun pitching that crap clean across that room…Good Luck with that…and shutting the door…at least it was out of the living area…then Sunday was suppose to be a relaxing day but our Amy L. Had secret plans for redoing some of her crap…sooooooo….here we go…but I will say on her defense…she has learned to let go real easy now since she went to Deb-ER-K School…Lol!
The Crap beating team did good…
There is one thing about me coming to your house to help…I do take things..they catch my eye..and into my pocket or bag…they go…now it’s not things that are out..it’s things that haven’t seen the light of day …and I got some do z’s this time…so if you see me wearing it or using it..and you want it back..just ask…just letting the ones know that don’t know this about me…my family n friends already know…I call it PAY…or spoils of WAR…
Well..my JonBoy just called and he is in town so I am getting a visit..how kool is that..
That’s all I got…sending you a thrilling Tuesady of Heat and HOT..stay thirsty my friend…IMG_1497…Oh..P.S.this is for Amy L.imageShe’ll know what to do with it…probably give me the finger in silence..lol!


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