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Buzy Weekend…

I’ve got to get my …in gear..Fathers day Dinner..company and a Beach trip with Gail..Meg..and Amy and the Jack n the Box is a mess…It’s Dog Hair Time..everyday needs a sweep or a vac…now daddys been cooking and the kitchen floor is hairy and sticky..LOL!..don’t you just hate a hairy sticky….
Daddy is really excited ..he has come up with another cake…for Sunday..everybody better come hungrey or take it with ya…
And yes I made started another doll…finished Pennalope..shes all about nature…she’s also a night light and she has a live plant..for you to take care of…love her…image

image…the new doll is called Mattie..she likes to Hoola Hoop…

image..I won’t get to finish her today cause you know I got to clean..no crafting today…
That’s all I got…sending you a fast Friday so you can get this weekend started..


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