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Beach Trip!!!!!!!!☀️

Well..yesterday was a Fun Day…I had my Lil Wanchese Family come visit..I did the Grannie thing…mama Jen went for a doc appointment and I babysat and we all know how good I am at that…LOL!…there’s always arts n crafts…yes they were quite interested in my dolls..and how the process goes…even Owen liked Mr.Cricket but I think he changed the named to Willy Wonka…and of course Tay was hands on and wanted to make one…soooo I had to think fast…Hot Glue Gun..and I burn myself so didn’t know how that would go….anyway..Taylor quickly put this together…Jen n I think it looks like Grannie Ruby but Tay calls her Lizzie the weather girl..her hair is clouds…of course Owen was not that interested so we kept him buzy with the iPad Games…imageAnd Bear was not so interested either..image
It was Tay n Me…imageGettin’ our craft on…

image..Yes..Olivie was bumped from the basket swing…LOL!
And I also finished Mattie and Guess What?…she turned out to be pregnant..never nmade one of those before..it was Fun…get it…image..but still can have fun playing with her Hoola Hoop…
It was a nice closing of my day having my lil Wanchese Family eat supper with me..love them…and a double hitter..JonBoy stopped by for five when he got to town….
The Three Sisters and Our Meg are going to the beach today…an all day affair of Fun..Sun and laughter…pics will be included..
That’s all I got…sending you a super Saturday..imageScreamin’Peacockimage


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