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Happy Father’s Day…

Beach trip was a great time…enjoyed being with Amy L. And Meg…Gail was sick and couldn’t go..so we got to stop n shop afterwards or just lookie lookie no spendie spendie…seems as tho we are all on a budget with Ida….LOL!..sorry no pics this time..
Yes…today is Father’s Day and TayTaysFancyPantsEmporium sends each and every Father a terrific day with your RugRats.whether…old or young…enjoy your DAY…with em’..
We are having Sunday Dinner at the Jack n the Box..Pork Chops..Mashed Taters…Cabbage…Squash..string beans…cucumbers..yeast rolls..and yes…sour cream coconut cake and German chocolate cake..sounds like a winner winner chicken dinner..
And That’s all I got…again…sending all Fathers…HAPPY FATHERS DAY..


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