The Budget…

Well..that balance in the bank has gone down dramatically…BUT…bills are almost paid…freezer in progress..all small debts are NO complaints here…and I know if I follow the path he will get me through til next fourth Wednesday…Amen…
New Lady at the toe place and I like her…mimnal Pain…she’s got my Vote…and I even treated myself to an eyebrow wax…eight dollars…and she told me to stop plucking cause I had made a hole where there is not suppose to be one…LOL!
And My Just Ben has lost his Boot and walking in regular shoes…yeah! For the healing..still alittle stiff but better…image

image..he’ll have to watch out at airports..going through the detector..LOL!again..
I am suppose to go to the beach today but got some business to tend to..Gail I sent you a you later…speaking of Gail…she stopped by and took Daddy and I out to Lunch..such a nice thing to do…Thanx..Daddy really liked his outing…
Don’t remember if I posted my new dollar it is…IMG_2226..and I also found this huge coffee pot planter..haven’t finished putting my plant in it..I think it makes it look like to get me one of those mess things to put soil in it…kool!..I think..
That’s all I got…sending you an absolutely Fabulous Friday…IMG_1497


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