It’s the First….

Let the games begin for July🎉🇺🇸…..and it has…the Peacock car has issues…starter is messing up and I still have a slow leak in one if my new tires..Samta has been buzy making side money to carry us through and has not had time to correct this…soooo..the side money is half spent and we ain’t even got it yet… Geee’s…and that’s Life as we all know it…everybody has issues…
Well..I started another doll and I say again..I am not a might be trash canned..and go back to what I know….image it may look alright to you but it has issues also…LOL!
Yesterday was a pretty good day…got insurance paid and Yes..I did stop at Sally Store..nothing for me there that I would stupidly spend my budget on..still got twenty four days to go…LOL!
Just. A reminder to all…Party…Saratoga..July twenty fifth…bring a dish with something in it if you can…let me refraise that a big dish if you can..if not…their will be plenty to munch on…A Big Pig…and cakes..that’s all I know for sure..
Santa said Gail was still going strong yesterday in the yard…You Go Girl…

The Fourth of July is coming up..I hope all will do it up Big..may not have one again..the way this America is evolving..I read someone’s post on Facebook about being a Heterosexual American Christen Man and where did he fit in this America..Well..knowing him as a Preacher..why ask are suppose to know…you fit in Gods Hands Love and Grace…silly Boy..Duh!..that’s what I know..
Sorry..I don’t usually go to that place…my first rule daddy gave me when I became a waitress…race..religion..politics are off the conversation with your customers..and I have stuck by that…cause as Jack Nicholson says..You couldn’t handle the truth…as I believe…LOL!..
That’s all I got….sending you the very best first day of JULY…IMG_1497Screamin”PeacockimageFeelin’LOUD today…


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