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Yes…I am missing a Day at the Beach with the girls..got to take care of a Daddy Day..it’s PayDay for him..and lots of places to stop..Bank..Pig Run..Lowes and wherever his Heart desires on this day…
Well..my Santa finished up the Farm Truck and it has some problems..not his doings but the peeps that redid the motor..I feel so bad for PaPa Bear..sending the whole Truck back to where the motor was done…probably another two weeks or more…Gee’s ..always something to get er done…same here in the Jack n the Box…my Car..is going to cost two hundred..starter…brakes and still a leakie tire…there’s goes the dollars…
We are better off now than the day before…got some dollars…thank the good lord for always working things out…Oh..Ida still has that budget..can’t go Crazy…LOL!
Something will PopUp..
I did have a nice day yesterday..I made another doll..her name is Miss Meg..she is ready to shop..with purse in hand and romper on…love her hair..my experiment worked out with yarn and plastic straws..I even found an idea with false eyelashes…they were a dollar at Roses…Too Kool!image

And who says you can’t dress up to go to Walmart..Owen says you can…with Top Hat he goes…image..he is an individualist..he got it honest…you go My Owen..
Fried Chicken Supper was a hit…and I will have to say..IT WAS PRETTYING DANG GOOD!..even if I cooked it…
Well..the Wheelie is a popping..to get to BoTime…that’s all I got…IMG_1497Screamin’PeacockIMG_1495
P.S.some trinkets for My Just Ben’s new Home…image

image..love the Crystal..he said he had to have alittle peacockishness to the New Home..thanx My Just Ben…love you


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