The BEST Time…

I cannot put into words and make it sound as a great of day I had with My Friend Kelly..laughed..cried..vented..and even gave peeps advice at the stores we went and even didn’t care how loud n proud we were…it was just AWESOMENESS…thank you Kelly for a long awaited Fun Day with was well worth the wait…image
First off it was the Sally Store run and did we ever find some prizes for my dolls..and yes..I sold two of my dolls so I had Dollars…
image..I even found some shoes I been looking….50 cents a pair..the dolls are swirling around head my head at fast speed…I finished the one I was working on last night…imageAnd started a surfer girl..she will be done today…looking a surf board..dollar tree here I come…
Ok..Sally Store has opened up a new store in Havelock and I had not been yet so off Kelly n I went..didn’t know exactly were it was so we stopped at the Old Bob Clark drugstore…they have an antique store their now and it was awesome..some of the koolest stuff I have seen in a long was a blast…two things I saw that I just knew my Amy L. Would love so I took pics and sent her…her reply was..I want that…which I already knew..LOL!image

imageIt’s worth a we ask them where the new Salvation Army Store was because that was the kind of budget we were on..they laughed and said we appreciate you stopping by to visit us cause I did spend three dollars and seventy four cents there and Kelly spent six dollars..Too Funny!
And then it was off to the new Sally Store..found some cuties there for my dolls also..a swing which I think I can make one myself but had to have a forty nine cents and two baskets which were fifteen cents a piece and kelly spent about seven dollars ..I was a good shopping day with my lil bags…

image..I am in doll heaven..
And I missed posting some selfies with Gavin and Gail on our Beach Day so here they areimage

And I finally got my Peacock Umbrella..that one of my Peeps got me..image..Thank You Ms. Sonia..I am Stylin’ n Profilin’ Peeps rock…Dang! I look OLD womanish..cause I am..LOL!
I think that’s all I got..sending you great moments in your given day…IMG_1497..Screamin’Peacock..imageDance in your day…


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