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A Mission…

Well..my Peeps…Its Friday..which is just another magnifacent day given to me but for the hard working Peeps..My Hats off to you for your weekend…ENJOY!!!..cause that’s why they are given..
Night before last about 3:30 ..I had a small attack and had to take my nitro and some baby aspirin..so yesterday I was taking it easy..I didn’t even vaccum Bear Hair but I did do some doll making…my surfer girl is finished and I haven’t found the board yet..I may have to make one…or maybe my JonBoy can crave me one…anyway..there is no bikini..I had to do a wrap suit but there are Peekaboo holes..more sexy than showing all God gave ya…What you think…love the beach hair and accessory…

And I got a private message yesterday and they have gave me a mission that I hope I can do justice on…started it yesterday as soon as I finished surfer girl..let you in on it later…toooo many of my peeps talk to much…sorry it only takes one spotted Apple…to ruin the rest…LOL!..just kidding…NO..I’m not…
Oh..I forgot to post this yesterday…Kelly got Fried Chicken and Mac n cheese for her treat at supper…she wanted My Just Ben to know…image..so kelly no more saying I just feed you lil Debbie’s cakes..LOL!
Bobby and Sue are fitting into the crazy mix at the Jack n the Box..Daddy surely enjoys them and so does Lily..I can’t leave her alone in the home when she’s in..
Another reminder for the Everything Pig Party…July 25th..please try and bring a dessert or covered dish..cold salads are good..just anything…talked to Keith and I think everything is on a GO..if everyone helps out on a dish..if not..we know Gary is going to do a PIG and Daddy is going to do some cakes…sooo..get your feed bag ON..
That’s all I got…sending you a awesome Friday…IMG_1497Screamin’Peacock..IMG_1495


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