What a glorious morning..Bobby n Sue are singing..Bear n Lily fed..RV coffee in Hand..and I woke’s going to be a good day..Oh..just her the wheelie a I know it’s going to be a good day..
Well..I got my mission done and I am so excited it turned out as good as it did..haven’t done that kinda project..I like the challenge..still can’t post the pic cause it’s surprize for someone…I promise I will..
But I do have another doll I worked on..her name is Ruthie..only thing missing is a Buddy Love her dog and I am working on that..she is in honor of a friend and a reader of the blog..she also helps me name some of the dolls…so here’s to you Ruthie…she is stinkin’cute…image


image..’s a MaMa bragging moment on the blog..Pics of my babies..jonboy n Owen at Jockey Ridge..Lov this pic…imageAnd My just Ben and my Amanda..I don’t think I have seen Ben in a tie since he was little…when I was dressing him…quite the look..image

I love me some lil Families I got…
The guys were not Happy with Supper…we had sandwiches so tonight I got to do bout different kind of sandwiches..LOL!…better not try that…LOL!
I will have a day off from doll making today..out of heads and hot glue….the 24th is a week and a half unless some money falls out of the sky..Ida is on duty..LOL!again..
That’s all I got…sending you a Super Saturday…IMG_1497….Screamin’Peacock..image


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