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Ooooo…it’s MONDAY!!!!

Yes..it’s that dreaded day for hardworking peeps…sometimes..I envy you still…I miss working or may I say I miss all the peeps….keep your head up…the weekend will come soon enough…
Let’s talk about our Sunday..was it a day of rest n relaxing…or crazy…mine was relaxing…cooked the guys breakfast and then I was off to do what I do…soooo..you know…I played with my doll stuff and I made two hats for my girls…image

image…which they still have no heads yet til Wednesday…but I forge on..
One more headless doll I forgot to post…image
And we now have three eggs…just keeping you up with the egg count…
Ok..just a reminder…July 25th..pig party..Saratoga..old fire house..and Amy L. Wants to play a game or two..I think would be fun…we’ll all try..how bout..bingo or corn hole…I know everybody’s got one of them things in the way…hasn’t seen the light of day since the new wore off..LOL!..games sounds good…or are we to old..another LOL! Moment..
I have decided it’s not a good week to scrub floors..Daddy will be cooking three cakes…two chocolate and a carrot cake..don’t let him know I said this but NO ONE CAN BEAT Aunt Joyce’s Carrot Cake…she was the BEST…and that ain’t no LOL moment…
I will be posting a list of my girls and their names and their prices on a blog this week..so the peeps that don’t like reading bout the dolls..you can miss that day..
That’s all I got…sending you a Super Start of your week given…IMG_1497


2 thoughts on “Ooooo…it’s MONDAY!!!!

  1. I think Playing some games would be great!!!! Hope someone has corn hole boards~~~~anything really would be great! And you are right about that cake, man I wish I could make them like her. She was the best, I should have been her daughter….

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