Four Eggs..right now..

Yes..four eggs and “THEY “ may have five to six..then you count from the last egg of the incubation…suppose to take thirteens days after that…I am in need and want a bigger cage…anyone out there or see one on sale..let me know…Thank You..
More headless of six..but tomorrow is payday and Wednesday for discounts..or coupons as Gail n Amy L. says..
imageAnd I got six more bodies to dress and head..LOL!
I sure hope these girls sale cause I can’t stop’s a great craft..for Me..
I have thought if they don’t sale..Gail n Amy L. Can sell them afterwards..more famous if the Artists is dead..another LOL!…
Well they have poured the foundation for My Just Ben and Amanda’s Home..what a great way to start it off…image..
What’s Saturday?….Pig Party…25th of July…and games are going to be offered…Cristi is bringing Corn Hole and Amy L. Is doing some Bingo…Prizes will be awarded..don’t go crazy..they are a dollar let’s have some FUN…
We are all ready for this Family Day…
That’s all I got…sending you a Terrific Tuesday…IMG_1497Screamin’Peacock..imageRidin’ the RIDE of LIFE..


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